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"I just progress monitored. Now what?"

The Early Literacy Series is comprised of research-based initiatives that provide teachers with an array of instructional strategies to use before, between, and after assessments.

Early Literacy Series

Guided Reading

This interactive session is filled with make-and-take activities and models how to maximize the literacy block effectively through Guided Reading.  With a focus on the three Es (environment, expectations, and engagement), teachers learn how to structure literacy instruction through mini focused lessons for the whole group and through differentiated, creative literacy stations that appeal to learning styles and are anchored on meaningful, purposeful, skill-based tasks.  Learn how to use classroom student data to group students and differentiate instruction.  With teachers participating in literacy stations, they walk away with ready-to-use resources and materials that are practical, engaging, research-based, and implementable.


6-12 Hours  / Grades K-5 

Balanced Literacy 

Combining a whole language and skills development approach to literacy learning, the balanced literacy sessions offer a wealth of best practices and research-based strategies that increase literacy levels throughout the course of early reading experiences. Teachers learn holistic ways to structure literacy instruction with specific focuses on  student choice, read alouds, guided and independent reading, dialoguing and writer's workshops, teacher modeling, and collaborative literacy acquisition activities. Student independence is highly fostered through early adoption and ownership of proficient reader processes  that facilitate literacy learning. 

6-18 Hours / Grades 3-5 

Get Lit: Culturally Responsive Libraries

Educators won't just merely discover the most current and culturally relevant titles available today, in this session they will also learn how to select titles wisely, critic culturally responsively, and use them purposefully. Customized by any grade level, this session shares ideas for immediate implementation.

3 Hours / Grades K-5

*This session also meets the requirements of Literacy Learning


Teachers learn engaging strategies and create multi-sensory activities to assist students in recognizing the relationship between written letters and individual sounds. Participants will focus on decoding mechanisms and how to implement these practices seamlessly into instruction.

3 Hours / Grades K-2 

Phonemic Awareness 

Recognizing that speech sounds or phonemes are the building blocks that make words form the foundation of this session.  Teachers will review the latest research to increase students' phonemic awareness. In this interactive session, participates will "make and take" learning activities that help students develop the necessary skills to recognize specific individual sounds in the spoken word.

3 Hours / Grades K-2


Creating automaticity in reading allows learners to focus their attention on comprehension. In this session, teachers learn to foster fluency through repeated reading activities, phrasing pyramids, fluency centers, and Reader's Theatre. 

3 Hours / Grades K-2



Complete the early literacy series by designing activities that support students' understanding of multiple text forms. Teacher learn creative and engaging ways to help students make connections, generate questions, visualize learning, and infer meaning using a variety of rich text selections. 

3 Hours / Grades K-3

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