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IMPACT Training


We are making an IMPACT–in more ways than one!


Our IMPACT Model defines six elements we believe to be critical components for propelling positive, growth-producing professional learning for any organization.


When implemented in a supporting eduContext, IMPACT initiates, facilitates, and sustains professional learning and student achievement initiatives.


IMPACT is a three-day interactive training session designed to facilitate the following professional learning outcomes:

  • Reaffirm your school's brand

  • Assess your school's current eduContext

  • Examine effectiveness data from John Hattie's research to evaluate instructional priorities

  • Foster professional metacognition through reflections

  • Generate collective teacher efficacy

  • Promote professional capital through collaboration

  • Chart Your Course by identifying instructional focus areas


18 Hours Required 



IMPACT Training must be paired with a minimum of 8-10 days of eduCoaching support on the identified instructional focus area(s)  and must include use of our SWOT Journals to promote participants' professional reflection.

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Want to know more about our IMPACT Model? Visit our blog! 

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