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Through a comprehensive review of curricular documents and instructional approaches, eduConsulting Firm can offer practical methods to strengthen and/or guide the restructuring process of C&I Frameworks, leading to more effective teaching and learning district-wide. 


This highly-tailored service includes any combination of tasks not limited to developing effective curricular documents; aligning practices to current relevant standards; ensuring academic rigor; identifying high-yield strategies; developing district-specific instructional models; designing the necessary training to facilitate implementation; and providing progress monitoring.


Timeframes Customized to Professional Service


Learning Leaders

3D:  Dimensions of District Dynamics
Create a district-wide vision that promotes the kind of facilitative leadership that fosters comprehensive efforts to improve all schools. This service is designed to assist district leaders in assessing individual school needs via School Improvement Plans, Comprehensive Needs Assessments, and building walkthroughs to articulate a clear vision for the district.


Timeframes Customized to Professional Service

District Level Personnel



Facilitative Leadership

Successful leaders harness the uncanny finesse to empower leadership in others.  Rather than assuming all control and micro-managing in an effort to "save the day," facilitative leaders lead teams in defining obstacles and determining alternatives by operating from the premise that all stakeholders possess valuable pieces of the puzzle.  This session explores strategies designed to create inclusive facilitation processes that promote guided inquiry, that generate team reflection and continued learning, and that stimulate others to engage in problem-solving. With social change at its core, facilitative leadership builds the capacity to intervene without usurping total control of situations or diminishing trust in the competence of others. 

Session 3-6 Hours

Turning Around Turnaround Schools

The majority of eduConsulting Firm's work has taken place in turnaround schools.  Through our own form of a Comprehensive Needs Assessments (CNA), we have helped school leaders identify areas of focus that would result in high-impact gains while ensuring schools could sustain capacity even when facing the likelihood of high teacher turnover. All of the turnaround schools that participated in context-specific professional learning combined with eduCoaching showed marked gains on end-of-year performance measures--many exceeding expected growth, outperforming sister schools, and being removed from state identification lists. 


Turning Around Turnaround Schools is not a session but our very specialized professional learning approach that involves a series of strategic efforts that are dictated by the particular context of the school, its culture, teaching capacity, and student demographics.  


Timeframes Customized to Professional Services

K-12 Schools


Executive Coaching

Not all district leaders arrive at Central Office knowing how to navigate the intricacies of district-level leadership. More than likely, such leaders have been immersed in turning around schools, leading staffs, and negotiating parental involvement among other things. 


Our Executive Coaching services provide one-on-one coaching opportunities that help facilitate transferring building-level leadership skills to the particular nuances of district-level leadership. We can help leaders get the job done combining best practices and effective communication with innovation and efficiency.  


Timeframes Customized to Professional Services

District Level Personnel


The Culturally Responsive Leader

This interactive session is designed to equip educational leaders with the know-how and "withitness" to create culturally  and linguistically diverse teaching and learning environments. With a focus on identifying one's own cultural competence, leaders learn to harness the cultural capital of their learning community (e.g., teachers, students, parents, and partners). Using these understandings to promote culturally responsiveness, leaders look at policies, practices, and programs that silently sustaing educational inequities. 


Timeframes Customized to Professional Services

K-12  Schools/District Level Personnel



Strategic Planning for School Success

This professional service is designed to assist school administrators to leverage transformational change through strategic planning. The service is customized by school-based needs, including articulating school vision; optimizing scheduling; crystalizing school processes, policies, and programs through data analysis; increasing parent involvement and garnering community partnerships; devising early intervention methods; monitoring School Improvement Plans; prepping for SACS review and accreditation; creating practical opportunities for walk-throughs and informal observations; managing teacher evaluations with realistic timeframes; purchasing and budgets; and fostering teacher leadership.This service provides close coaching with the principal and the leadership team to help solidify a sustainable modus operandi for leaders and build capacity to sustain school improvement.


Timeframes Customized to Professional Service

K-12 Schools



The Teaching Principal

We understand this session will not immediately be immensely popular, but the far-reaching effects of a teaching principal to popularize positive principal perceptions, model instructional behaviors for teachers, motivate student engagement, and create a genuine learning community are not to be diminished or casually overlooked. Based on the ingenuity of one amazing principal in our network, we developed this session because its leadership-based methods possess the overwhelming potential to transform school cultures.


This session will provide realistic time management strategies to incorporate opportunities for direct student instruction at least three times during the academic year while also maintaining administrative responsibilities. Targeting those classes and staff members who would significant benefit from this method of instructional leadership, the session also provides specific guidance in developing engaging lessons and learning tasks based on the best high-yield practices to increase student motivation. Reducing any inhibitions or anxieties about actually returning to classrooms, The Teaching Principal is designed only for those school leaders who are serious about changing the instructional climate in their school, who are courageous enough to demonstrate models of authentic teaching and learning, and dauntless enough to take the reigns and really lead.


6 Hours / K-12

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