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Although we would never disclose details about clients receiving Executive eduCoaching, it is imperative to highlight this district-level leadership initiative because it is designed to promote the kind of professional growth that increases efficacy and innovation of daily practices.  

District Leadership; eduCoaching

Graduate Durham

eduConsulting Firm is currently working with the leadership of Durham Public Schools to design comprehensive district frameworks for instruction and student services. Additionally, we will customize the prerequisite training that undergirds this initiative. These frameworks conceptualize systematic approaches towards leading, teaching, and learning in all DPS schools. 

Current Projects; Curriculum Design; District Leadership

New Teacher Network

Unlike generic approaches to new teacher induction, eduConsulting Firm spent the entire academic year customizing professional learning for beginning teachers at Bertie Middle School in Windsor, NC. Using eduCoaching opportunities, we provided on-demand, job-embedded support that immediately addressed the real-time issues new teachers faced.

Current Projects; Beginning Teachers; Support; eduCoaching


Our goal is to make a measurable impact on professional growth and student achievement. The contextual differences in schools create an incalculable number of variables that continually influence how accurately we can measure that impact. We do know, however, two very concrete things: (1) every school that has subscribed to our eduCoaching services have experienced significant growth--quite often outperforming other schools in the district, and (2) once schools receive our professional services, they expand the scope of our work. 

Ongoing Projects; Research; Results; IMPACT

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