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Sustain 3:  Although we will always customize professional learning to the needs of the learners, we strongly suggest allotting the time to cement practices into the school's culture. Building and transforming and sustaining a culture of teaching and learning takes time.  Therefore, we strongly encourage insructional leaders to consider Sustain 3.  


Sustain 3 is a 3-year approach aligned to our IMPACT Model and designed to not only introduce the instructional practice through a traditional face-to-face professional learning session but also to support the implementation of the professional practice over time through eduCoaching.  The literature on school change and school growth (for teachers and students) indicates at minimum a 3-5 year commitment. Eager for immediate and quick growth, the educational community at-large seems to grab for the latest trends and abandon these practices before they have had sufficient opportunity to implement them effectively let alone determine their impact. 


If your district or school is truly committed to staining growth over time, regardless of changes in leadership or teacher turnover, give us three years!  





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