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This session focuses on digital exchanges of instruction, assessment, and communication.  Teachers will examine teaching and learning processes by creating a process map and learning to design digital options that improve speed, efficiency, and eliminate the use of paper almost entirely.   Teachers discover that the benefits of a paperless classroom include improved parental involvement, 24-hour student access to instruction, comprehensive calendars for stakeholders, and options for homework completion any time, any place.  

6 Hours / Grades 6-12

Tech-Savvy Schools

Web 2.0 for Generation M2

The M2 Generation is always digitally connected to media. Make learning relevant and meaningful by connecting content to the way learners live. This session is designed to help teachers take advantage of a powerful collection of free web-based tools.


Teachers will learn to implement a variety of technology, including new learning management systems, that increases teacher efficiency, motivates learners, differentiates instruction, appeals to learning styles, bolsters formative assessment, and creates classrooms that foster 21st century learning skills. This session can be customized with the following components:

  • Google applications for education and how to use them

  • Digital communication boot camp for teachers

  • Building high quality digital content including tools and tactics

  • Teacher Webpages: How to and Best Practices

  • Never Need Another Textbook: Web 2.0 Tools for Education

  • Ease of implementing newly adopted Learning Management Systems

Time Customized by Selections / Grades 3-12

1:1 Instruction

When school leaders make the investment to put technology into the hands of every students, investigating how to transition from traditional teaching methods becomes increasingly necessary.  Examining the research related to 21st century teaching learning will illustrate the groundwork needed to shift to more student-centered approaches. Learn to increase feedback and formative assessment by gathering data in real time; promote student interaction through backchannel software; and create digital resources that facilitate high levels of student engagement. 

6-18 Hours / Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12



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