OUR MISSION is to impact school improvement, professional growth, and student achievement by providing innovative, research-based solutions that are both engaging for students and practical for educators. 


About Us

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eduConsulting Firm was founded by our CEO Dr. Dutchess Maye. Dr. Maye is a former English teacher and instructional designer for the North Carolina Teacher Academy.  A certified instructional specialist, Maye has spent almost two decades researching, designing, and delivering professional development for thousands of K-12 educators.  Through both her published research and continuous work in the field, Maye aims to impact professional growth and improve student achievement, sharing the results with the educational community at-large. 


The team of eduConsultants are versed in facilitating and supporting an array of educational initiatives including classroom instruction and both school and district leadership. We are constant learners, pursuing the latest educational trends as we translate theory into practical, school- and classroom-ready means of impacting teaching and learning. Through our creative team-centered approach, the schools in our network benefit from the varied expertise of all of us!



Our Beliefs
  • We believe professional learning should be data-informed, research-based, job-embedded, on-demand, and ongoing. In addition to on-site professional development, we offer opportunities for coaching or the training of coaches and strongly encourage follow-up support during implementation phases of new instructional content. 


  • We understand that every learning environment differs in its cultural norms, academic needs, and learning expectations. Therefore, we believe in customizing professional learning to meet expected learning outcomes for leaders, teachers, and students.


  • We are fully aware that professional and curricular standards, evaluation instruments, and other such measures inform the educational endeavors of the 21st century. We believe our work should make every effort to prepare educators and students to meet the demands of such guidelines.