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Nakia McCall

Head of School

Destinations Career Academy of Georgia



eduCrate consistently delivers top-tier quality, and this edition is particularly aligned with my role as an educational leader.


The curated items are well-suited to the current phase of my school’s academic journey, where my staff and I are fully committed to achieving a "focused finish" for our students, staff, and families. The conversations within our educational community are centered on initiating a fresh and intentional start to the second semester, emphasizing purposeful actions that will contribute to a robust end of the year for our students.

The theme of this box [SoFreshSoClean] seamlessly integrates with my current mindset and the deliberate steps we are taking as a staff to ensure the success of our academic goals. Ultimately, the focus on creating a conducive atmosphere in the school goes beyond mere tidiness. As a virtual school, it reflects a commitment to fostering an environment that supports learning and growth. The emphasis on cleanliness is not only about the physical aspect but also about cultivating a positive impact on the overall school experience.

The eduCrate maintains its reputation for excellence and proves to be a valuable resource in supporting my vision for a successful and purpose-driven end to this academic year.

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