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This professional learning series is the most comprehensive, research-based approach to increased reading proficiency across grade levels and content areas.


Teachers discover how the four strands of the reading process (e.g., activating, organizing, comprehending, and applying) form the foundational learning processes for every content area.


These sessions provide teachers with the core components to structure every lesson to include the best practices in literacy learning. With over 80 strategies available, teachers will be armed with a variety of methods to increase retention, actively engage students in reading, and help students meet the literacy demands for college and career readiness.  

3 -24 Hours / Grades 6-12

Literacy Learning

Get Lit: Culturally Responsive Libraries

Educators won't just merely discover the most current and culturally relevant titles available today, in this session they will also learn how to select titles wisely, critic culturally responsively, and use them purposefully. Customized by any grade level, this session shares ideas for immediate implementation.

3 Hours / Grades K-5

*This session also meets the requirements of Early Literacy Series

Building Vocabulary Early

Vocabulary is recognized as one of the most critical components related to reading proficiency.  This session focuses on applying methodologies for direct and indirect vocabulary instruction, developing word consciousness, and teaching strategies for independent word learning. 

3 Hours / Grades K-5



Accelerating Academic Vocabulary

According to the International Reading Association, "vocabulary is the biggest predictor of academic achievement." This session is designed to move vocabulary instruction from merely rote memorization of definitions to extending students' understanding and application of  domain-specific terminology. Teachers will walk away from this strategy-packed session with a renewed approach to revitalize vocabulary acquisition and embed language learning seamlessly into regular content area instruction. 

3-12 Hours  / Grades 6-12 



Media Literacy

This session expands the concept of literacy to include all forms of media.  Teachers discover creative ways to engage students in active inquiry of messages they both receive and create. Beyond the introduction, these sessions focus on author and authenticity, messages and meaning, and representation and reality as presented in various forms of media. 


Additionally, teachers gain new perspectives about incorporating and integrating student-centered media into the regular K-12 curriculum while meeting the demands of both academic rigor and literacy instruction as advocated by state standards. 


With both high- and low-tech options for implementation, teachers will find the learning objectives associated with media instruction appropriate for all grade levels and content areas. This session offers practical methods to motivate media- and tech-savvy digital natives as they learn required content. 

6-18 Hours / Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12



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