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Effective Instruction

Blended Learning

This hybrid (e.g., virtual and face-to-face) course is designed to model how to build community, establish common procedures and practices, and generate high student engagement through high yield strategies. Practices are appropriate for both blended and traditional learning environments, including both low and high -tech options. 

3 Hours / Grades K-12

Making Social Emotional Learning a Reality

The reality is never before in public schooling has social emotional learning (SEL) moved from neglection to professional reflection! Discover how to embed the sense of individuality and belonging to learning processes, academic expectations, and social engagement. 

3 Hours / Grades K-12 

*This session also meets the requirements of Diverse Learners

Building Metacognitive Knowledge

This session introduces true understandings of metacognitive knowledge as referenced in the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. Teachers discover how to create self-strategic learners.  With a focus on activating prior knowledge, teachers gain strategies to help students tap into and apply self-knowledge for more individualized approaches to content-based learning. 

3 Hours / Grades K-12



Text Talks

This session focuses on how to model transparent literacy thinking processes for students. A skill that takes more practice and planning than one may think, text talks are described as secret eavesdropping. Teachers learn how to reveal to students the secret power of literacy learning by exposing the creative ways proficient readers think about and question texts.     

3 Hours / Grades 3-12

Leading As An Instructional Assistant
One of the often-missed population of educators in our schoolare Instructional Assistants. This session is designed to equipment instructional assistants with new methods for relationship building establishing procedures, and facilitating best instructional practices in support of the teaching and learning within their classrooms. Participants will be provided with fun and engaging tasks that will challenge them to reflect on their practices within the school setting.
6 Hours / Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12
A Framework for Teaching & Learning

This highly engaging learning session is the most comprehensive, research-based approach to increased academic proficiency across grade levels and content areas. Teachers will discover how the four strands of the framework form the foundational learning processes for every content area and learn the core components needed to structure instruction so lessons include best practices in teaching and learning.

6-18 Hours / Grades K-12

The REAL Essential Question
We have learned that most essential questions posed in schools are not really essential--critical, maybe--but not essential. Learn the difference! In this highly engaging session, participants discover what defines a REAL Essential Question and how to revise current critical questions into more comprehensive inquiries that not only drive instruction but also inherently act as facilitators of formative assessment and achievement boosters. 
3 Hours / Grades 3-12
Effective Questioning

Turn drab, dull recall and comprehension questions into thought-provoking, highly cognitive, rigorous queries in seconds! In this interactive session, participants not only learn to generate effective questions but also how to engage students in doing the same. Immediately elevate instructional practices to high forms of academic rigor and instantaneously stimulate student engagement through effective questioning.  

3-6 Hours / Grades K-12

Annotating for Meaning Making

This session provides a variety of methods by which students can communicate with texts with particular focus on written annotations.  With metacognitive knowledge in mind, teachers learn ways to differentiate annotation strategies to meet individual students' literacy learning needs while increasing student independence and accountability for learning. 

3 Hours / Grades 3-12 

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