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From our most recent surveys:


My experience with my eduConsultant was completely delightful, She automatically captured the essence of who I am as an educator and recognized my rapport with my students and respected the expertise I bring to the classroom.  Her feedback was never generic or repetitive.  I wish other observations were as detailed. I received fresh perspectives that made me want to improve. 

Educator, Spring Valley Elementary



The growth we made as a school simply would not have been possible without the services eduConsulting provided. Principal, Bertie Middle School

My eduCoach is amazing. She gave me wonderful feedback all year and has been a great resource to improve my teacher effectiveness.

 Educator, Lowe's Grove Middle School


An educator in our network describes eduCoaching as "the icing on the cake." We love the compliment, but we must work harder so our clients recognize eduCoaching as the "cake." 



We coined the term eduCoaching to describe our all-inclusive concept of the most effective form of on-going, on-demand, job-embedded professional learning, traditionally known as instructional coaching. However, eduCoaching is more than just introducing a slew of evidence-based instructional strategies into classroom practice. Our package operates from an asset-valued approach,  first identifying those practices at which educators are already excelling. We know that often educators may not be able to pinpoint their own strengths, considering they are operating at automaticity. We want to capitalize on those strengths when identifying other areas of growth. 




Although there are a number of elements to the process, the secret to our success with eduCoaching is the relationship we form based on our own innate understandings of the challenges educators face making theory practical for real classrooms, in real time, with real students. Authentic relationships allow us to differentiate and individualize professional learning options for specific educators in specific schools.  Our process includes a combination of 

  • Consistent classroom observations

  • Conferencing

  • Immediate Feedback

  • Practical Suggestions

  • Evidenced-Based Strategies

  • Resource Acquisition

  • Lesson Planning

  • Modeling 

  • Continuous Support

  • Advocacy


The most significant end product of eduCoaching is the intangible professional and student growth that is a direct outcome of our presence in schools. Concrete products include


  • Observations Summaries detailing instructional practices observed, feedback given, and suggestions recommended

  • Evidence-Based Strategies that can be implemented immediately

  • Individual Teacher Professional Growth Charts tracked throughout the course of services

  • Student Achievement as evidenced by the mounting data collected of our impact in schools that subscribe to this professional service





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