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What They Say


Shoutouts. Kudos. Applause. Compliments. Laudations. A re-tweet, a pat on the back, or a thumbs up.  There really is no better way to gain trust and prove the validity of your brand like client testimonials. This is what our clients have to say.

This is my second time sitting through a training with eduConsulting Firm. I appreciate their positive energy and adaptation of presentation to fit the present needs of educators!

-Teacher, Lexington City Schools



EduConsulting is the best "full service" staff development organization that I've ever seen. They truly customize their services to meet the needs of the school/teachers. They are knowledgeable and professional and available whenever needed.  They exhibit the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

-Principal, Wayne County  Schools


















This was a great experience for me. I learned so much from my eduConsultant. She listened thoughtfully to my concerns - ALL OF THEM,  and always had great ideas on how I could improve or modify my lesson. She was never judgemental or condescending and I greatly appreciate that!  It was easy to welcome her in my class every week. Even my students were excited to see her and she connected with them as well!

-Teacher, Rockingham County Schools



I expected a training like others I've had when I would use the time to do other work, but I was engaged the whole time and I am energized and motivated to make my lessons RIGOROUS!! Thank you!

-Teacher, Bertie County Schools


Most enjoyable and beneficial, non-stress workshop I've been to recently (or ever). Also the most easily implementable and adaptable strategies that I can REALLY see myself using.

-Teacher, PTEC Participant



Working with our eduConsultant was a very valuable experience. The rapport with teachers, the follow-up, feedback, and willingness to do whatever it takes for the student is what makes this relationship irreplaceable. Another set of unbiased eyes and ears is always important.

-School Transformation Coach, Durham Public Schools



Typically, I leave PD feeling stressed and that my time was wasted. Today, I feel like I gained valuable knowledge to better myself as a teacher! I'd gladly participate or enroll in future PD's with eduConsulting Firm in the future!

-Teacher, Chatham County Schools



You guys are awesome! I knew immediately that you were going to be great. You know your stuff, you are great with people, you are fun and funny, and we talked about important ways to grow our staff/PLC/and students at the same time. Thank you so much!!

-Administrator, PTEC Participant

EduConsulting NEVER disappoints. All the information was beneficial because I can use everything while teaching my students during virtual learning. 

-Teacher, Cumberland County Public Schools



My eduConsultant was amazing and led with the heart. She always had postive affirmations and helped me stay motivated to push my students harder towards achieving their academic and personal goals. If I was unsure about anything, I knew I could go to her and she would provide me with the necessary tools.  My eduConsultant allowed me to realize my love and desire for teaching. They care about teaching, teachers, and students and it really shows. 

-Teacher, Vance County Public Schools



The training they offer is exceptional. I was able to learn so much about how to plan effectively and appropriately rigorous lessons. Everything I was provided will be used in my classroom.

-Teacher, Onslow County Schools



EduConsulting is an absolute blessing to schools and the answers to the prayers of principals. Support is very streamlined and focused, where the results are evident in teachers' data and instruction. Thank YOU for all you do for students, and teachers!

-Principal, Jones County Schools



Our teachers were greatly impacted by having an additional adult to guide them and provide feedback on their lessons for their students. Teachers have been more open to trying new things with their students. Our eduConsultants were fantastic with assimilating themselves into our school and proving our staff with authentic support and new ideas! 

-Instructional Coach, Durham Public Schools



This was one of the best professional developments I have attended in my 26 years in education. Very well planned and presented. It was so relevant, so captivating, and so professional and just real! The session was incredibly engaging and enjoyable!

-Teacher, Mt. Airy City Schools 



I loved the visits and feedback I received weekly from my eduConsultant. I looked forward to our debriefs after my class observations because I was so eager to hear how I did. As a first-year teacher it is important to have this support, and I am confident her suggestions helped me grow professionally.

-Teacher, Wayne County Schools



EduConsulting Firm has been a huge asset for our district. Their wealth of knowledge and

strong ability to build lasting relationships truly provides our teachers a level of comfort in planning and executing lessons that make lasting impressions for their students.

-District Leader, Jones County Schools


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