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Creating a Culture of High Expectations

Looking to transforming your school's learning environment for all stakeholders? This highly requested session will shake up school processes and promote the kind of collegiality that positively impacts working conditions.  Improve morale while drastically ameriolating approaches towards teaching and learning.


Participants engage in realistic assessments of collectively shared and individually held expectations and participate in critical conversations about the current state of school affairs. With a focus on team building, the staff plans effective action steps to reshape school culture. 


Additionally, participants will learn concrete strategies to infuse and operate from a premise of high expectations when collaborating with colleagues, interacting with students and parents, and planning and delivering instruction. 

3 -6 Hours / Grades K-12

School Processes

Optimizing PLCs

This session focuses on garnering collegial support for a unified commitment to student success through authentic professional learning communities.  Authentic PLC practices hinge on four Essential Questions, and educators will practice addressing these questions through dialoguing, collaborative decision-making, action planning, and data analysis for school improvement. Participants will learn how to plan for cohesive goal achievement through effective PLCs. This session provides opportunities for participants to assess the effectiveness of current PLC practices and determine future learning goals for staff and students. 

3-12 Hours / Grades K-12



Instructional Coaching

Proven to be the most effective form of job-embedded professional learning, instructional coaching requires individuals to possess an array of skills, strategies, and access to resources. Both novice and experienced coaches can benefit from these sessions which provide a research-based approach to the phases of coaches. Training is customized to meet the specific needs of content areas and instructional facilitators based on specific school and district dynamics. Coaches learn effective ways to build relationships, plan routines, conduct conferences, observe classroom instruction, model practices, and give constructive feedback. 

6-12 Hours  / Grades K-12 



Let the Data Inform

Effective data usage is one of the most critical initial steps to transforming school processes.  Using comprehensive school data, including achievement, perception, demographic and program intel, should drive School Improvement Plans, professional learning initiatives, and strategic plans for instructional decision-making. In this session, participants learn to triangulate multiple forms of data to begin determining the direction of school transformation goals.  Such data analysis will ultimately direct PLC activities and guide educator's actions on a daily basis. 


Additionally, opportunities to make the most of classroom-level data will be examined, including developing and assessing performance tasks and using such measures to direct intervention plans and remediation efforts early in the academic year. 

6-18 Hours / Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12



The video The Phoenix was created by eduConsulting Firm to facilitate a culture of high expectations for the Bertie Middle School Phoenix family.

Data Dig
Participants will learn to triangulate multiple forms of data to begin determining the direction of school transformation goals, professional learning initiatives, and strategic plans for instruction decsion-making. Participants will have opportunities examine classroom-level data,  and develop performance tasks which can be used to direct  intervention plans and remediation efforts. 
3-6 Hours / Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12
Leading By Example: Mentoring Revisited
The phrase "Lead by Example" is easier said than done. During this session, mentors will engage in tasks that encourage connection with fellow mentoring colleagues in an effort to empower their work through self-reflection and recommitment to the work of professional growth for both mentor and mentee. Mentors will leave with new strategies for supporting their mentees and each other.
3-6 Hours / Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12
Leading As An Instructional Assistant
One of the often-missed population of educators in our schools are Instructional Assistants. This session is designed to equipment instructional assistants with new methods for relationship building establishing procedures, and facilitating best instructional practices in support of the teaching and learning within their classrooms. Participants will be provided with fun and engaging tasks that will challenge them to reflect on their practices within the school setting.
6 Hours / Grades K-5 & Grades 6-12
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