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So, what's our connection to Erin Condren?

What had happened was...

We  featured eduCrate in the 2023 GOWild Erin Condren Small Business Grant and won!  


GO Wild Planner Conference 2023:

Erin Condren Small Business Grant Winner!

The GOWild Planner Conference in Washington, DC, on March 2-4, 2023, was a major win for eduConsulting and eduCrate in more ways than one!

This amazing experience introduced us not only to an amazing and supportive planner community but also connected us to Erin Condren, a global brand! 

Thanks, Erin Condren, for recognizing our company's commitment to teacher growth, student achievement, entrepreneurship! Thanks also for understanding our story and respecting our journey!

Learn more about Erin Condren

Learn more about GOWild Planner Conference

We're an Affiliate of Erin Condren

But Erin Condren did not stop there!  Furthering eduConsulting's goals to increase its social media presence via vlogging, the brand offered us an opportunity to become an affiliate!  We are an official part of the #ECSQUAD!

What is the #ECSQAUD? 

The #ECSQUAD is comprised of like-minded content creators, storytellers, planning and organizational experts, entrepreneurs, and all-around go-getters! It is a community filled with education, positivity, and encouragement.

Our Affiliate Link

Learn more about becoming an affiliate

Winning and Learning!

Winning the opportunity to collaboration in Erin Condren's recent 2023-2024 Teacher Planner Launch has been an unexpected learning experience in more ways than one! 

  1. First, we got to preview before the public a selected teacher lesson planner and its accompanying accessories.

  2. The responsibilities of a collaborator position helped us learn more about creating relevant and meaningful content for our own brand and products.

  3. We are achieving goals!  These are the same goals we initially established when we first decided to "GOWild" and the same goals we included in our Erin Condren Small Business Grant Application! Those goals included: (a) scouting for eduSwag; (b) designing a custom planner, and (c) vlogging about our work.

Use the links below to follow us on social media to see  more of our content creation journey.

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