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What is eduCrate?

eduCrate is the first professional learning-based subscription box service ever! 


Based on years of facilitating professional learning, our team of eduConsultants curate best practices, student-friendly content, instructional strategies, and other materials that reflect our values for RIPE (research-based, innovative, practical, and engaging) professional learning. 


Additionally, it is an eduConsulting Firm product, so each box is customized for the subscriber and  loaded with a myriad of master teacher tips, instructional guides, lesson plan ideas, templates, strategies, samples, and yes!—all  kinds of extras, including eduSwag that make implementing the suggested best practices even more fun and effective!

How is the eduCrate?designed?

Each eduCrate, regardless of type, is packed with pre-vetted mystery resources that meet the following criteria:


  • Professional: This featured resource focuses on improving the subscriber’s professional growth.


  • Student-Centered: This featured resource connects directly the professional learning of focus but is intended for use with students. Student-centered resources are accompanied by either K-12 lesson plans and/or activity ideas, learning tasks, etc., aligned to the Common Core and other state standards. In some special cases, student-centered resources may have crate options by grade-level.


  • Strategic:  At least one instructional strategy from our storehouse will be included. Clear, step-by-step purposes, procedures, and tips for differentiated strategy use are provided.

So, what’s in the eduCrate again?

  • One mystery book for professional learning

  • One mystery book to use with K-12 students

  • Accompanying instructional guide, (e.g., lesson plan ideas, activities, tips, and suggestions) 

  • One instructional strategy

  • Extras! Extras! Extras! (relevant, related mystery materials and supplies)

  • eduSwag

Wait…what’s eduSwag!

eduSwag includes items from our brand, brands we love, and brands we use to teach and learn.


How much will it cost?









With an annual subscription you receive four eduCrates™ at a discounted rate, saving nearly $45 USD over the year — or $15 USD per box — as a perk of making a longer term commitment to the subscription. You will be charged $259.99 USD (plus taxes) at the time of purchase for your first year of eduCrate™ This purchase is nonrefundable and includes four subscription months.  After that, your annual subscription will automatically renew each year and your account will be charged $259.99 USD, until you cancel. 


With a quarterly subscription, you be charged $69.99 USD (plus tax) at the time of purchase for your first eduCrate . After that, you will be automatically charged a subscription fee of $69.99 USD (plus taxes) on the 1st of each subscription month or until the subscription is cancelled. 


*Delivery costs are included in all purchases.









When will I be charged?

When you subscribe, you will be charged for at the time of purchase for your first eduCrate. Quarterly subscribers will be charged a subscription fee of $69.99 USD (plus taxes) on the first of each subscription month until the membership is  cancelled. At the conclusion of one year, both annual and quarterly subscriptions will automatically be renewed.

How can I purchase for my school or district?

 We will happily invoice you if you need to pay by purchase order. Email us at

When are the subscription months?

Subscription months are when charges are processed. Charges will be applied on the first of each subscription month. Your box will be mailed the following month. See our subscription charge and mail schedule below: