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Transition from classroom management to classroom leadership by promoting learning communities that foster student ownership of both academic performance and social behaviors.  In this session teachers learn innovative ways to


  • structure routines while including variety and novelty

  • incorporate differentiation into lesson planning 

  • arrange the physical environment for multiple instructional purposes, including teaming, cooperative grouping, and class meetings


3-12 Hours / Grades K-12

Classroom Management

Relationships Are Key!

This session provides foundational skills for effective classroom management by helping teachers build positive student-teacher relationships.  Teachers gain specific strategies to convey messages of genuine interest while garnering cooperation from students.  Learn to create classrooms that are self-governing! 

3-6  Hours / Grades K-12



Procedures Rule!

In this session teachers become skilled at distinguishing between rules and procedures.  Knowing the difference is important when establishing guidelines for appropriate social behaviors, developing routines, and eliminating disruptions. Additionally, teachers will learn how to employ academic transitions, give directions effectively, use attention-getters, plan procedures with ease, and structure group work for more time on task. 

3-6 Hours / Grades K-12 



Disciplinary Interventions

As a result of this session, teachers will learn to maximize student engagement by minimizing disruptions, disturbances, and distractions. Distinguishing between discipline and punishment will help teachers implement prevention practices and intervention strategies that change inappropriate behaviors.

3-6 Hours / Grades K-12



Creating Collaborative Classrooms

Do you think collaborative classroom is painful and unproductive? This session is designed to introduce strategies that foster student-centered collaborative exchanges that deepen students' understanding and ownership of learning. Learn techniques, strategies, and quick tips to ensure students feel safe to participate in collaborative learning environment and are held accountable for the procedures for social behaviors, protocols for collaboration and expectation for learning.

3-6 Hours / Grades K-12

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