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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

we anticipated for the eduCrew!

Q:  Am I required to become an eduCrew member? 
Absolutely not. This in an invitation. We want to celebrate and reward loyal subscribers who are technically already eduCrew!  We thought you were the perfect practitioner to commit to using our product and providing us with important intel about it. We also know your voice is essential to sharing our product with others.  However, if you really don't want to do it, don't have time, or just rather not, we understand. We appreciate you letting us know you can't commit before we commit to investing in you!

Q:    What will I be expected to do exactly?
In exchange for a one-year subscription, you will be expected to commit to the following terms:  

  • To use eduCrate products and practices in real time!  

  • To review crate contents with us directly, and 

  • To share your eduCrate experience with others.

You are a content creator and storyteller! Yes, YOU! And as such, you are expected to be positive, respectful, and inclusive. You're also expected to have fun!

Q:   When do I start?
If you're reading this, you've kinda already started! And if you have anything "eduCrate" in your possession right now, you've got everything you need to begin! Go ahead, dig out a neglected eduCrate text, an untried eduCrate strategy, or some unused eduSwag and begin generating interesting, engaging content for educators! The perfect time is now!

Q:   When will I get my first eduCrate as an eduCrew member?
You will receive your first crate in early September and all other crates in the 2023-2024 subscription cycle according to the regular eduCrate subscription schedule-- but just a bit earlier than everyone else! :)

Q:  So can I just share anything?
Well, sort of. New clients may be getting eduCrates our original and most loyal subscribers --like YOU--have already received! That's why today is great time to get started generating content for items from eduCrates you already have.     

What's old to you may be new to others, and we will let you know in advance when
 an eduCrate you've already received will be included in a new client's subscription cycle so you can help us promote those specific items on social media.     

Equally, what's new to you will be totally undreamed of by some of our 
subscribers.  In fact, new subscribers may not even get the crates you're receiving this year!  Therefore, you will be alerted when a specific eduCrate is under an embargo date.

Q:  What is an embargo date?
An embargo date specifies the exact date and time you can release confidential information to the public. In order for us to reveal 
eduCrates to eduCrew members in advance of other subscribers and the public, we will specify when crate contents can be shared. Breaking an embargo date may jeopardize your eduCrew membership. Reach out if you are not sure what to share.

Q:  What if I'm not in a classroom? I'm a principal! Yeah, I work at Central Office! Can I still be a part of the eduCrew?
Absolutely! Your role as an influencer and decision-maker knows no bounds! You are in the ideal position to share eduCrate with practitioners who you know will rock it out of the box! Get their feedback, guide their implementation, and document their progress! You're a storyteller! A content creator!

Q:  Content creator?! Seriously, I'm not. I going to need help and ideas! 
Trust us. You're a content-creating storyteller, for sure! You don't need to produce a documentary to generate great content. Check out our Instagram for inspiration as we have consciously committed to creating more content for eduConsulting and for the Erin Condren brand.

Take some time to discover our voice
 and our vibe. And nothing beats scrolling and trolling other content creators you love. What are they doing to generate interest and engagement?     

Also check out Katie Robbins and Brittany Rubio's participation in our project
 Be GREAT with eduCrate, sponsored by the North Carolina Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation. Discover how they put eduCrate to work.   

Be on the look out for
eduCrew newsletters that will not only keep you up to-date on everything eduCrate but also provide helpful tips and techniques for creating engaging content.

If you're in NC, connect with Dr. Maye in advance of a projected implementation. She may come, record, and photograph for you if she's available!

Q:  Wait! Am I selling eduCrates?!
Nope! Once people see it, eduCrate sells itself.  We simply want you to use eduCrate, review the contents, and share your experience with others. No sales involved.     

However, if you happen to sell a single eduCrate to an individual or, say you convince a school to get 30 subscriptions
, we will share 10% of the sales with you! Be sure they reference you and eduCrew or you can reach out before they purchase or subscribe.

Q:  Hold up! Speaking of purchases, what about my current recurring eduCrate subscription? It's set to renew soon! Didn't you say I get four free crates?!
Yep! That's right. No worries. Once you sign up, we will pause your subscription for the 2023-2024 
academic year. You shall accrue no charges or penalties. Your subscription will renew at its regularly scheduled renewal date in pre-fall 2024.

Q:  So, being a eduCrew member is only for the 2023-2024 academic year?
Great question. We're not sure at this time. As they say, we're building the plane while flying it! Let's take it one year at a time and see how revamping our ambassador program goes. Your input and engagement will determine a lot.

Q:  How do I join?
Fill out the form below.


Even if you're declining this invitation, hit JOIN and then decline. Seriously, we appreciate you letting us know if you can't commit so we can extend the opportunity to another rockstar.

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