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eduConsulting is our brand.

Our brand is our story.

Meet the storytellers.


Dutchess Maye, EdD



Known for her quirky, down-to-earth, and humorous training style, Dutchess takes the lead in both developing and facilitating many of our training sessions. Her ultimate goal is to build a brand and cultivate a company culture that advocates for practical, real-time approaches towards school improvement. Although Dutchess's primary role is to lead the organization and project its future direction, she is most at home and probably most respected for her work on the ground, wielding her candor and pragmatism to build relationships with district leaders, plan with principals, and support teachers. 


Dutchess's Superpower:  Indestructibility The power to thrive undaunted


Nakia McCall, MSA, NBCT

Executive Director


Recognized as a champion for children, Nakia's educational passions are wide and sundry. Her experience as a principal, instructional facilitator, teacher, trainer, curriculum developer, and eduConsultant informs her work as our Executive Director.  Daily she shapes and shifts procedures, processes, practices to enhance professional performance not only for the schools in our network but for our company.  What Nakia probably enjoys most is lending her creativity to researching, designing, and delivering professional development. Don't be fooled! Nakia doesn't expend her creativity to business only; she is also an artist and an extraordinary songbird. 


Nakia's Superpower:  Telekinesis: The power to shift structures


Kevi Dixon, MEd

Chief Innovation Officer


With a wave of her wand and a sprinkle of fairy dust, Kevi's success record rests on encouraging educators to try new approaches and to embrace new perspectives.  Kevi has an eye for detecting how large organizational processes impact teaching and learning at the classroom level.  Although Kevi loves helping educators transform learning environments, Kevi thrives on data analysis, research, marketing, and leading the development of K-12 professional learning curricula that hinges on expectations for innovation, research, engagement, and practicality.  Kevi's K-12 experience combined with her professional tenure at the university level makes her a jack-of-all-educational-trades!


Kevi's Superpower:  Queen of Fairies:  The power to make the magic happen


Jamon H. Flowers, PhD

eduConsultant - Leadership


With a penchant for examining multiple perspectives at once, Jamon brings varied expertise earned from being a principal, coach, and teacher in North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Typically a jokester, Jamon is serious about applying practical, creative approaches to help school leaders effectively transform learning environments. With a fellowship at the US Department of Education and his PhD from the College of William and Mary completed, Jamon's passion extends to impacting professional growth and providing those around him with laughter!



Jamon's Superpower: Invulnerability:  The power to take whatever is thrown at him 


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